Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's all about the Interview

All through the years in my career as an executive recruiter, and now as a professional career consultant, I have come across many individuals who gripe about not getting the job that they want even though they were invited for interviews. Why? They ask … the reason’s actually quite simple but most people, more often than not, will somehow neglect it.

Give this some thoughts …. It’s not about where you went to school, it’s not about how fantastic your grades were, it’s not about how much experience you have, it’s not about who you know. If you aren't able to interview successfully, you just don’t get the job. Period.The interview levels the playing field! You simply have to differentiate yourself from all those people going for the same position.

In my earlier days, I have coached and advised candidates on the same topic of effective techniques in interviewing. And recently, I have compiled these materials putting together a series of workshops related to job search, interviewing and negotiating for better compensation.

The PowerPoint presentation I have embedded in this posting is just Part One on the topic of “Interviewing for Success” I have prepared. The rest is on the way so watch this space

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